School Success – How to Help Your Child

As a parent, it can be so difficult to help your child succeed in school. We all know that reading and math are skills that a child will need in order to excel in life. If children do not learn adequate literacy and numeracy skills when they are young, it will likely hinder them for the rest of their lives.

When a child is behind in reading and math, often extra help from home is necessary. Doing poorly in school also affects the way children think about themselves. It is important that children get this help before they become too discouraged.

Many parents agree that their children need more help, but they have no idea how to provide their child with the extra instruction they need. With all the things going on at home, there hardly seems time to practice school concepts. On top of all this, most children are somewhat resistant to using their time off school to do ‘work’.

A Tutor

Sometimes children have difficulty learning from a parent. At times a parent may themselves find the material difficult. In other situations, a child may be opposed to learning from a parent. As a result, tensions grow. Even if the parent is successful in forcing the child to study, the experience makes learning unpleasant. Often a fresh face is the answer. A friendly and positive tutor can really help a child improve his/her academic knowledge and skills. One option is to enroll your child in a daily homework club. The great benefit of a homework club is that the child is finished the day’s homework by the time you get home from work! Another idea is to get regular individual tutoring sessions for your child.

Online Learning Games

One great way parents can help their children practice school concepts, at home, is through online learning games. Computer games are not perceived by children as work. Children will not complain about playing an enjoyable online game! There are many online numeracy skills games and online literacy activities that help students practice basic reading and mathematics. Tap, Click Learn is an educational resource organized by grade level, according to the Manitoba curricular outcomes. Do, though, remember to always supervise childrens’ Internet access!

iPod touch and iPad Learning Tools

The iPod touch and the iPad are also great tools for teaching children academic skills and concepts.  There are many apps available to assist students of all ages and the prices for these apps are very reasonable.  Learn To Read Book apps for iPad are a great way to teach a child to read!

Future Success A Priority

Children are what we leave behind when we depart this world. It is vital that we give our children every advantage we can to benefit them in life. Extra effort and time now will be well worth it for your child in the long run. By providing your children with tutoring and/or guiding your children to age-appropriate online learning games, you will help them achieve success at school now and become confident and successful later on in life.

© Celesta Thiessen

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