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Most kids love crafts and art projects. Some parents tend to view these endeavors as a waste of time, or worse, as a nuisance because of the inevitable mess that precedes the final product. Doing crafts can. However, provide very important experiences in a child’s life. Parents can guide children towards crafts that enhance learning. For example, crafts and art projects can make learning Science or Social Studies facts pleasurable and memorable.


Reinforcing Academic Concepts through Art Projects

Using crafts to review ideas being taught at school is a great way to help your child appreciate learning and identify personally with the subject material. When students think back through their school years, it is often the hands-on projects that they remember – the life sized tee-pee made of paper and sticks, the large, paper mache elephant made during a study of India, the small clay octopus, painted orange and set in an underwater diorama, plasticine pictures of the four seasons. As a homeschooling parent, it is even more important to make use of arts and crafts projects that reinforce Social Studies and Science concepts.

Bonding by Making Crafts Together

Making crafts together with you children can be a very bonding experience. Spending quality time together doing things that the child enjoys sends a message of love to the child. For some children, quality time is their primary love language. For these children, spending time with their parent is needed to fill up their ‘love tank’, so to speak. Parents can, therefore, use craft time not only to reinforce learning but to bond with their children as well.

It is a great idea to give the child some choices when doing arts and crafts projects together. Even if the parent chooses the project, the child should be invited to choose the colours, etc. Allowing the child to make choices will make the experience more fun for the child.

Where to Find Great Craft Ideas

Ideas for craft projects abound. There are so many good projects available that it is possible to get craft instructions for free, on just about any topic you can imagine. Numerous books describing great art projects exist. These books are organized around a wide variety of topics such as “Fall Crafts”, “Things That Fly”, and “Paper Folding”. Many craft books are likely to be available at your local library. At the library, there is usually a computer terminal where one can search book titles and topics. The librarian can also be of assistance in finding the right craft-project instruction book.

Another great source of free instructions for the making of crafts is the Internet. Simply search for the type of craft you would like to make with your children using the search box in the browser. You will, of course, find some useless sites on the net, and you will likely also uncover sites that ask for money. Don’t give information to these sites. Some of them are scams. But don’t be discouraged. If you search and then go through the results, you will eventually find what you are looking for. There are many fun art and craft instructions online!

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