Difficulty With School

When You Get Called Into School To Speak to The Resource Teacher

Getting a phone call from the school is almost always a bad thing.  Either your child has done something wrong, or he/she is doing poorly with the schoolwork.  But when you get a phone call from the resource teacher, you know it’s serous.  To hear that your child is not doing well in school is very stressful and can be very upsetting to a parent.  Parents need to keep in mind that the school is actually trying to help the child.  Even if you don’t agree with everything the teachers are saying, you are still all on the same side!  The school and the parents both want what’s best for the children.

Before the Meeting With the Resource teacher

Get yourself ready to hear whatever they have to say.  Remember, they are not trying to be unkind; they are trying to help!  Be ready to hear them out and be open to their ideas and recommendations.  They are the professionals.  They have had a lot of experience helping children with different kinds of learning problems.  Prepare yourself not to get upset or act in a hostile way, even if you do not agree with what they say.

At the Meeting With the Resource teacher

Be polite!  Greet the school staff with a smile.  If they like you, it will be to your child’s advantage.  Evaluate what they say.  Find things to agree with in what they are saying.  Contribute to the conversation if you have ideas or suggestions.  Agree to their plan if it seems good to you!  If you feel their recommendations are not going to work or benefit your child, speak up.  Share your thoughts and feelings tactfully.  Explain why you think and feel as you do.  Try to come up with some alternatives.  Ultimately, the child is yours, and it is you who needs to make sure he/she gets a good education and maintains a healthy self-esteem.   At the end of the meeting, thank the school staff for their time and for helping your child.  Leave things on a positive note.

After the Meeting With the Resource teacher

Research other ways to help your child.  Talk to other parents who have gone through the same thing and get advice from them.  For some children, tutoring may be very helpful.  Steinbach Tutoring Services provides tutoring in the Steinbach area.  If your child is struggling with basic academic skills, computer learning games are often helpful, particularly in the area of Math.  TapClickLearn.com provides online learning games organized by grade level and subject, including many online Math games.  For early reading, Learn To Read Books are very helpful.  If you think of other ways to help your child, feel free to call the school staff to let them know what you are doing.  They will be encouraged to know that you are taking the situation seriously and that you are taking additional steps to help your child.

Carry through on the plan that was agreed to at the meeting.  If you said that you would help your child at home in certain ways, be sure to follow through with that!  Education is important, and even more important is your child’s feelings of success.

©2010 Celesta Thiessen
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