The People Around Me

Important People

1.  Parents Photos
[K-KC-003, KP-023]

2.  Teachers Photos
[K-KC-003, K-KP-023]

3.  Community Helpers – Click on Picture and then on Speaker.
[K-KC-003, K-KE-026]

4.  Types of Work – Click on Picture to Enlarge.
(Scroll down and click “next” to see more types of work.) [K-KE-010]

Communication and Stories

1.  Many Ways to Say “I Love You” Video

2.  My Feelings Song with Pictures

3.  Communicating without Words

4.   Interview with Grandparents Video

5.  A Grandfather’s Stories Video
[K-KH,019, K-KH-004]

Getting Along with Others

1.  Children in Classroom Photo
(useful for discussing ways of getting along with others) [K-KC-004]


1.  Going to Bed – A Once-a Day Event

2.  Your Birthday – A Once-a-Year Event

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