Online Colouring

1.  Easter Online Colouring Book

2.  Chick in Egg

3.  Eggs and Paintbrushes

4.  Three Easter Eggs

5.  Easter Bunny

6.  Easter Egg

7.  Eggs and Daisies

8.  Happy Easter

9.  Easter Basket and Flower

10.  Easter Egg Wreath

11.  Easter Egg


1.   Easter Duck – Use spacebar to rotate pieces.

2.  Two Bunnies

3.  Easter Bunny
(Click on “Change Cut” to select number and shape of pieces.)

4.   Bunny and Basket
(Click on “Change Cut” to select number and shape of pieces.)

5.  Easter Turtle
(Click on “Change Cut” to select number and shape of pieces.)

6.  Easter Stuffies Jigsaw

7.  Easter Eggs Jigsaw
(Click on “Change Cut” to select number and shape of pieces.)

8.  Easter Egg Hunt Animated Jigsaw


1.  Two Bunnies Drag and Drop Puzzle

2.  Easter Stuffies Drag and Drop Puzzle

3.  Easter Stuffies Slider

4.  Two Bunnies Slider

Memory Activities

1.  Bunny Match-Up

2.  Easter Concentration Game

3.  Easter Egg Count Memory Match

4.  Easter Egg Match Up

Word Searches

1.  Easter Fun Word Search

2.  Easter Word Search

Other Easter Activities

1.  Easter Tic Tac Toe

2.  Tic Tac Toe de Bunny

3.  Decorate an Easter Egg

4.  Create an Easter Egg

5.  Bunny Dress Up

6.  Easter Dress-Up

7.  Edgar’s Easter Eggs – A Story to Read

8.  Easter Bunny Playhouse

9.  Easter Egg Swap

10.  Spot the Egg with a Difference

11.  Stain Glass Tiles

12.  Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

13.  Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

14.  Countdown to Easter – Double Click on Two or More.

15.  Easter Mah Jong – Click on Two, Unblocked, Matching Tiles.
(The tiles are in layers.)

16.  Easter Riddles

17.  Easter Eggs Sudoku

18.  Bunny Photos

19.   Easter Eggs Photos – Click to Enlarge.
(Click on page numbers to see more.)

20.   Easter Poems

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