Earth Day

Online Colouring

1.  Love Earth

2.  Love Our Earth

3.  Save Our Planet

4.  Recycle

5.  Let’s Take Care of the Earth

6.  Every Day Is Earth Day
(Colouring and Drag and Drop)

7.  We Love Trees
(Colouring and Drag and Drop)


1.  Earth Day
(Click on “Change Cut” to select number and shape of pieces.)

2.  Earth
(Click on “Change Cut” to select number and shape of pieces.)


1.  Earth Day Slider Puzzle

Memory Activities

1.  Earth Day Memory Match

2.  Help the Environment Memory Match

3.  Threats to the Environment Memory Activity

Word Searches

1.  Earth Day Word Search

2.  Search for Earth Day Words

3.  Earth Day Word Find

Other Earth Day Activities

1.  It’s Earth Day, Dear Dragon

2.  Earth Day Tic-Tac-Toe

3.  Lorax’s Save the Trees

4.  Sort the Garbage

5.  Recycle Roundup

6.  Footprint Activity

7.  What’s That? Jr. Energy Activity

8.  How Does Your Garden Grow?

9.  Waste Buster Quiz #1

10.  Waste Buster Quiz #2

11.  Amazing Recycle Ma-Whoositz Machine!

12.  Hog and Seek Energy Game

13.  Hogbusters Training Camp

14.  What’s Wrong with this Picture? Pollution Awareness

15.  Green Videos (8 Videos)

16.  Earth Day Poems

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