Online Learning Activities Based on the Manitoba Curriculums

Manitoba, right in the centre of Canada, is where Tap Click Learn began.  Tap Click Learn website started with an idea. We knew from experience that, although there are many excellent educational sites on the Internet, there are also a lot of worthless websites.  We also knew that finding appropriate online learning resources to support the Manitoba curricula for the various subjects was an extremely time-consuming process.  We wanted to help Manitoban teachers, parents, and students have the resources they needed right at their fingertips, organized in a way that made sense for Manitobans. Our team of teachers studied the Manitoba curriculum documents for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Heath, and Art for Kindergarten to Grade Four.  We then scoured the Internet for educational resources, excellent educational sites, that would be of benefit to Manitoba teachers, parents, and students.

When we made our website, Tap Click Learn, we listed educational activities according to Manitoba curricular outcome clusters, for the most part.  The English Language Arts online educational activities are organized in a way that seems most logical and easiest for teachers, parents, and students to use.  Manitoba outcome numbers/designations (1.N.2) are listed along with each online learning activity for all the subjects.  We also included a Seasons/Holidays section that contains activities that not only help children experience the joy inherent in celebrating seasons and holidays but also help them develop their language, visual discrimination, perceptual motor skills, and understanding of Canadian traditions.

The educational learning resources that we chose are played online.  On Tap Click Learn, teachers can find online activities to support and review learning that has happened in the classroom.  The website is organized in such a way as to be maximally useful to teachers who are trying to teach a specific unit or even a specific Manitoba curricular learning outcome.  Parents can find online educational activities that review the concepts children have studied at school.  Students will find online educational activities that are exciting and make learning fun.  Tap Click Learn is simple enough to use that even Kindergarten students can find their way to fun online learning activities.

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