To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?

Use these questions to guide you in the decision of whether or not to homeschool your child.

For most parents, the decision whether to homeschool or not is an easy one. Some feel homeschooling is not an option as both parents work outside of the home. For other parents, money is tight and public schooling is free. For still others, their beliefs guide them to send their children to school where they will be taught by trained professionals and where they will benefit from the social aspects found there.

On the other hand, some parents always intended to homeshcool their children. Their decision to homeschool is often based on a desire to protect children from the very real evils in this world and to ensure that their children will learn specific spiritual beliefs from their primary care givers.

However, for some parents, the issue of whether or not to homeschool is not so clear-cut. For example, a parent may find that their child is not thriving in the public school system. Due to the numbers of students, school must assume a child of a certain type and teach to that model. However, as we parents know, not all children fit the cookie cutter mold. When a child is bullied or has a learning disability, ADHD, anxiety issues, or a combination of things, parents may need to reevaluate their position on the matter of homeschooling. It can be very difficult to decide to homeschool it if was never in the plan. Some parents become overwhelmed when trying to decide.

How to Make the Decision

When trying to determine if homeschooling is right for your child, the following factors should be considered:

1. Are you able to homeschool?

a. Can one of the parents stay home to instruct the child? Or are you willing to pay someone else to homeschool your child?
b. Are you able to teach all the subject areas or invest the time and money to locate resources to do so?

2. Can you tolerate having the child with you all day every day?

Some parents simply are not cut out for this type of work.

3. Will homeschooling help the child’s academics and/or self-esteem?

4. Does the child want to be homeschooled?

The answer to all four of these questions should be “yes” if a good homeschooling experience is to be achieved.

Homeschooling Can Be Optimal

For some children, the public school system is simply not a place where they can succeed. Negative self-esteem that develops during the school years may follow an individual throughout life. Parents need to do everything possible to help their children experience a positive and beneficial education. When a child is doing poorly and/or is hating school, it is time to consider the homeschooling option.

© Celesta Thiessen

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