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Choosing to homeschool a Child is a difficult decision. It is important that homeschooling parents have a support network. Not everyone believes in homeschooling. Homeschooling parents may face opposition from family or friends. Some people believe that homeschooling is not as good for a child as public school. Though in certain cases this may be true usually homeschooling is a viable option. Indeed, sometimes homeschooling is optimal. Children who have ADHD or struggle to pay attention in school benefit greatly from one-on-one instruction. When facing opposition from others about homeschooling their children parents may need emotional/social support. Some parents may also need support in dealing with behavioural or academic issues regarding their children. Being both parent and teacher to a child isn’t easy. Being with your children all the time without a break can also be draining. It is a great idea for homeschooling parents to talk together about parenting and homeschooling issues.

There are many great homeschooling groups. Some homeschooling groups meet together weekly or biweekly. There are many different types of homeschooling groups. These groups may be primarily social groups where parents visit and children play together. Parents may get ‘adult time’ away from the kids while a paid babysitter or volunteer supervises a prolonged ‘recess time’ for the children. Other homeschooling groups are more structured. Some of these groups offer specialized classes for the children. Parents take turns teaching these multi-age classes. Some examples of lesson topics are cooking, knitting, seasonal crafts and science projects or experiments. In order to participate in one of these activity-based groups, parents need to be willing to teach a lesson every so often. Many, but not all of homeschool groups are Christian in nature. This is because many Christians feel their core beliefs need to be passed on to their children in a school setting. Christian homeschool groups may also include a praise and worship time and a short devotional.

There are two keys for home school parents to get the support they need. First thing a homeschooling parent needs to know is where to look to find other homeschool parents. Secondly, a homeschooling parent needs to determine what type of support group would be most beneficial to join. For the province of Manitoba, here is a calendar of Manitoba homeschool events.    On this Calendar homeschooling parents can advertise their homeschool support group, homeschooling event or homeschooling field trip opportunity. To contribute events to this calendar you must be a member of this site

Another avenue of support for homeschool parents is to have social interaction with other homeschool parents online. On a homeschool forum a homeschooling parent can ask questions of other homeschoolers in order to exchange valuable information and tips on homeschooling. A local online homeschool forum is a good way to meet other homeschooling parents in your area. Check out this Homeschooling Forum.

Homeschooling can be extremely challenging but homeschooling parents do not have to go it alone. Use online resources to contact other homeschoolers to join local homeschooling groups or interact with other homeschooling parents online to obtain valuable advice and support.

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