Homeschooling in Manitoba

There are two leading reasons for choosing to homeschool. Some parents want to make passing their specific beliefs on to their children a part of the schooling process. A second reason why parents consider homeschooling is that their child is not thriving in the public school system. A parent who chooses to homeschool takes on a very important and sometimes daunting responsibility.

Homeschooling Outside the Home

In some situations, parents may want to have their child homeschooled in someone else’s home. Parents may chose this arrangement when they work full time but still desire the benefits of homeschooling, when they have too many other children in the home, when they have difficulty managing the child’s learning or behaviour, or when they feel unable to teach the academic content. Having your child homeschooled by someone else is permitted by the province of Manitoba and can be arranged through Steinbach Tutoring Services. Celesta Thiessen is available to provide homeschooling during daytime hours. Celesta is a Christian and can incorporate Biblical lessons into daily instruction upon request. Please call 346-1489 for more information.

Tutoring for Homeschoolers

For a parent who doesn’t feel comfortable teaching a certain subject or topic, there are two options. The parent can learn the material first and then teach it, or the homeschooling parent can have someone else (a tutor) teach this content to the child. Call Steinbach Tutoring Services at 346-1489 for more information about tutoring for homeschooled students.

Articles for Homeschooling Parents

There are many educational articles that are a great resource for homeschooling parents or those considering homeschooling.

Other Homeschooling Resources

When considering homeschooling, it is important to review any important and helpful information related to homeschooling before making a decision.

Here is the Government of Manitoba website concerning the legalities and requirements pertaining to homeschooling in Manitoba and Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools.

Children Who Won’t Go to School

Has your older child been out of school for some time? Steinbach Tutoring Services has a program to help.

After a reading level assessment and an informal Math skills assessment, we will prepare an academic program that will teach the skills and concepts of the appropriate grade level with approximately the following amount of time spent with each subject, as recommended by the Manitoba Department of Education.

45% Language Arts (English)
29% Mathematics
13% Science
13% Social Studies

Once the program is developed, you can decide how often the student will meet with the instructor, depending on how well he/she can work independently and on how often you are available to help him/her. If you would like Steinbach Tutoring Services to be primarily responsible for his/her education, we will need at least 6 hours/week to teach the student. The student will also have to be able/willing to do 2-3 hours of homework per day.

Beginning Homeschooling

Would you like someone to sit down with you to explain how to go about homeschooling your child? To learn more about homeschooling in the province of Manitoba, call (204)346-1489 or contact us to make an appointment with Celesta Thiessen.

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