Tips For Teachers

Science, Social Studies, Health, Art – Teacher Resources

Below are some resources for educators teaching Science, Health, Social Studies and Art. Read more

Mathematics – Teacher Resources

Here are some excellent Mathematics resources for teachers. Read more

Lesson Plans/Teacher Resources

Here are some lesson plans and other resources for teachers. Read more

Language Arts – Teacher Resources

Here are some teacher resources for the subject of Language Arts. Read more

Holidays and Themes – Teacher Resources

Here are some holiday and themed resources for teachers. Read more

Manitoba Kindergarten Math Assessment Checklist

The following are the Kindergarten Math outcomes from the Manitoba Curriculum. Read more

Google Calendar – Making the Switch

Ever since I wanted to become a teacher, in my teen years, I have been using a paper calendar to keep organized.  Read more

Google SketchUp An – Introduction

Google SketchUp is a powerful, 3-D drawing program that is free to download and use. Read more

Google SketchUp With Young Children

To learn about the Google SketchUp program, first read the article “Google Sketchup – An Introduction”. The introduction is based on the first two Google Sketchup video tutorials. Read more

Getting Organized – Teachers

For beginning teachers, getting organized can be extremely challenging.  Without a good system of organization, success as a teacher will be just out of reach.  Read more