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Educational Articles Crafts – Learning and Bonding

Most kids love crafts and art projects. Some parents tend to view these endeavors as a waste of time, or worse, as a nuisance because of the inevitable mess that precedes the final product. Doing crafts can. However, provide very important experiences in a child’s life. Parents can guide children towards crafts that enhance learning. For example, crafts and art projects can make learning Science or Social Studies facts pleasurable and memorable.

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Getting Organized – Students

For students, getting organized can be extremely challenging. Without organization, it is almost impossible to succeed. Even a hard-working student will receive a poor mark if important details and deadlines are missed due to poor organization. It is important to take time to organize, no matter how hectic one’s schedule may be.

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Childhood Anxiety Disorder – How to Cope

All parents who have a child with anxiety disorder know how difficult this can be for the child and for the entire family. The anxious child may cling, cry, refuse to engage and throw tantrums. The cause of these symptoms may be biological. The child experiencing anxiety disorder often has lower than average level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, present in the brain. Some parents resort to antidepressant medication, such as Paxil, which can be effective in some cases. Medication can cause severe side effects and is not recommended for most children. There is, however, an alternative to medication.

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ADHD – My Child Has It…Now What?

The fear of all parents is that something will be wrong with their child. That their child won’t be able to succeed. That their child won’t do well in school. That their child won’t be able to make friends. That their child will be unhappy. These symptoms may precede or follow the diagnosis of ADHD. Learning a child has ADHD can cause fear and anxiety within a family. Parents need to be informed and formulate a plan. What can be done?

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How to Study For a Test

Explore the optimal conditions for studying for a test. A peer study group or a tutor may be able to help!

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School Success – How to Help Your Child

As a parent, it can be so difficult to help your child succeed in school. We all know that reading and math are skills that a child will need in order to excel in life. If children do not learn adequate literacy and numeracy skills when they are young, it will likely hinder them for the rest of their lives.

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Using Technology Safely

Celesta Thiessen led a session at the MACHS (Manitoba Christian Home Schools) Conference, in March 2010. Safety for children and teens who use the internet and other technology is of primary importance to parents.  Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the significant perils of Internet and technology usage.  Parents need to stay informed about Internet risks and how to mitigate this danger.

Here is the presentation about Internet safety.

You can also listen to the Using Technology Safely MP3 or the Using Technology Safely podcast.

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Difficulty With School

When You Get Called Into School To Speak to The Resource Teacher

Getting a phone call from the school is almost always a bad thing.  Either your child has done something wrong, or he/she is doing poorly with the schoolwork.  But when you get a phone call from the resource teacher, you know it’s serous.  Read more

Internet Safety – Nothing to Hide

The Internet is a beneficial and helpful resource. However, the Internet does have a darker side. It is possible, and necessary, to help children and teens to benefit from the good and useful aspects of the net while avoiding the bad. Read more

Internet Filtering/Monitoring Software

Part of a good solution to the problem of Internet dangers is installing filtering/monitoring software on your computer.

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