Homeschooling Resources

Benefits of Technology and the Internet for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling parents have a difficult job being the teacher of all subjects to all their children. Thankfully, homeschooling parents do not have to do everything by themselves. The Internet is a very valuable tool for homeschoolers. Read more

iPad & iPhone Art

The iPhone is a great device for producing artwork.  Read more

iPad Educational Tool

The iPad is a new exciting device from Apple.  All iPhone apps can be used on the iPad “right out of the box”.  Because the iPad is much bigger than an iPhone, the content appears bigger and the work area is larger.  Consequently, the iPad is much better and easier for children to use.  Read more

Manitoba Kindergarten Math Assessment Checklist

The following are the Kindergarten Math outcomes from the Manitoba Curriculum. Read more

iPhone for Organization and Learning

The iPhone, made by Apple, is a cell phone like no other. The iPhone has uncluttered design and it is easy to learn to use it. Read more

Homeschooling but Not Your Own Child

Homeschooling is growing in popularity as the problems in society increase.  Read more

Homeschooling – Stop the Chaos

I believe that the first step to a successful homeschooling venture is getting organized. Read more

Google Calendar – Time to Stop Scribbling on Paper

Ever since high school, I have used a calendar to keep organized.  Read more

Home Schooling Children with ADHD

Homeschooling seems, recently, to be ever-increasing in popularity.  A child’s education is so very important.  Read more

Getting Organized – Homeschoolers

For homeschooling parents, getting organized can be challenging.  Without organization, the education that the homeschooled child will receive will be less than thorough.  Read more