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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?

Use these questions to guide you in the decision of whether or not to homeschool your child.

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Using Technology Safely

Celesta Thiessen led a session at the MACHS (Manitoba Christian Home Schools) Conference, in March 2010. Safety for children and teens who use the internet and other technology is of primary importance to parents.  Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the significant perils of Internet and technology usage.  Parents need to stay informed about Internet risks and how to mitigate this danger.

Here is the presentation about Internet safety.

You can also listen to the Using Technology Safely MP3 or the Using Technology Safely podcast.

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Homeschooling in Manitoba

There are two leading reasons for choosing to homeschool. Some parents want to make passing their specific beliefs on to their children a part of the schooling process. A second reason why parents consider homeschooling is that their child is not thriving in the public school system. A parent who chooses to homeschool takes on a very important and sometimes daunting responsibility.
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Internet Safety – Nothing to Hide

The Internet is a beneficial and helpful resource. However, the Internet does have a darker side. It is possible, and necessary, to help children and teens to benefit from the good and useful aspects of the net while avoiding the bad. Read more

Homeschooling Support

Choosing to homeschool a Child is a difficult decision. It is important that homeschooling parents have a support network. Read more

Internet Filtering/Monitoring Software

Part of a good solution to the problem of Internet dangers is installing filtering/monitoring software on your computer.

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Children and Pornography – An Ever-Increasing Concern

The primary focus of is to highlight the many benefits of the Internet. The Internet is a powerful teaching and learning tool. However, there are also some dangers associated with Internet use. Read more

Unhealthy Influences Online

The Internet is a great tool for teaching and learning.  There are many benefits to using the Internet.   Obviously, however, not all websites and individuals online are appropriate or fit for our children.  Read more

Solution to Internet Concerns – Parental Supervision

Although there are risks associated with using the Internet, these technology-induced risks can be mitigated.  Like any other tool, the Internet can be used for good or for bad.  Read more

Harm or Loss Caused by the Internet

Technology and the Internet are undoubtedly beneficial teaching and learning resources.  However, as with most useful tools, there are some inherent dangers associated with using the Internet.  Read more