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Manitoba Online Education

Tap Click Learn is a service that provides online learning for Canadian early years elementary students and teachers.  Our online educational activities and resources are specifically for students from Kindergarten to Grade Four.  Tap Click Learn’s interactive educational content is organized according to Manitoba’s frameworks of outcomes for the various subjects.

Simply click on the grade level you wish to view.  On the subject pages, educational content is organized under headings that, for the most part, correspond to Manitoba curricular clusters for each subject.  If you mouse over any given link, you will be able to see the specific curricular outcome(s) that that item addresses.  New excellent educational sites are being added continuously.   Tap Click Learn online learning is an excellent Manitoban resource for parents who want to support school instruction, for home schooling parents, and for school educators/teachers.

Using computers and the Internet to teach and practice curricular concepts is exciting for students.   When using a computer, students will typically put in more effort and thus learn and retain concepts better than they do when they are given pencil and paper tasks.

ICT Tools

Tap Click Learn also lists useful Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools.  Resources such as an online dictionary, a thesaurus, keyboard practice games, free music clips, free images, and search tools are included in the ICT Tools section.

Teaching with Technology

Tap Click Learn provides Tips for Teachers and home school parents on how to use technology to teach students.  In this section of Tap Click Learn, there are articles related to online education written by teachers in addition to well-organized links pointing to other excellent educational sites on the net, including ICT Lesson Plans.

Learning with Technology

The Tips for Parents area of Tap Click Learn answers the question ‘What is ICT?’ as well as offering other articles related to the use of technology.  These online education articles and Internet links help parents assist their children in obtaining high quality education through the use of technology.  The articles, written by Manitoban teachers and parents, address such topics home schooling, ADHD, and online tutoring.

Benefits of Online Education

One distinct benefit of online education is that the student can review concepts many times without embarrassment to themselves or frustration on the part of the teacher.  As well, the neutrality of learning from a computer Tap Click Learn can make a very significant difference for students who have anger management issues or problems with authority figures.  Online interactive activities also hold the attention of the very active children, allowing them to engage with concepts in a way that would be very difficult for them if they were simply sitting at a desk.  Learning Tap Click Learn can, therefore, have a very positive effect on students’ attitude and feelings towards a given subject and towards schooling in general.

Contributions Welcome

If you are a teacher or a parent, we would love to hear from you!  We would be pleased to accept articles of 350-650 words in length on topics concerning technology in education.  Copyright for these articles will remain with the author.  Accepted articles will be published and displayed on this site indefinitely.  If you would like to know more about submitting an article for publication on Tap Click Learn please see our submission guidelines.

If you know of excellent educational websites that are not indexed on Tap Click Learn, please send us the links.  (A contact form is located in the About Us section.)

If you are having difficulty navigating this website, please see our site map.

We appreciate your interest in the Tap Click Learn Education website!

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